The Effortless way to drive high-traffic with SEO

Find hidden keywords opportunities that are missing from your content and skyrocket your ranking



Align the demand with your content

Unlock the potential of your website with turn-key software. Uncover your visitors wish and act upon WordSeek's recommendations for better search engine rankings. Put an end to under-performing content and maximize your traffic.

Discover Hidden Traffic Opportunities

Find underserved queries that you don't mention in the content. At scale.Boost your ranking


Boost your ranking

Search engines are testing your content. We help you show them they're right and reach the top spot.


Content improvement assisted by IA ✨

Algorithms can identify missing opportunities and artificial intelligence can suggest how to capitalize on them


Continuous improvement

The web is no longer static, and neither is the way search engines view you. We are continuously searching for fresh opportunities in the background.


Fast Onboarding

No installation needed - create your account, link your Google search data, and you'll be up and running in less than a minute.



See what your customers love about us.

The Most Amazing product ever

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Evan SmithCEO, Company

This thing is amazing!

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Taylor Field Expert

I can't believe how cool this is.

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Riley Knows things


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Frequently asked questions answered

What is WordSeek

WordSeek is an SEO software that can help you boost your search engine ranking and consequently result in greater website traffic.

How does WorkSeek work?

WordSeek links query data from Google Search Console to your page's content, providing insight from the most reliable data to help you refine content.

Can I test Wordseek?

Yes, we offer a free plan that lets you test a limited number of pages on your website. Our suggestion is to use a blog or category page that has already seen good traffic - it will be very effective.

Are there any requirements to use WordSeek?

Workseek works with all host providers including WordPress, Wix, and Webflow. Access to your Google Search Console is required.

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Create your account in baser app for free and try our product.

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